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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. So we know that throughout the whole Naruto series Hinata is in love with Naruto, and Naruto is oblivious to it. We also know that Naruto like Sakura, somehow. Later on two years after the war, Hinata is still in love with him. At one moment they had to go through something to get to this one place sorry I can’t recall what it was. When they went through there they fell in a Genjutsu without knowing. In that Genjutsu Naruto is seeing a flashback of Hinata and him, but mostly Hinata.

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Directed by Hayato Date, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Chiyuki Tanaka. With Junko Takeuchi, Chie Naruto is unable to search for Sasuke due to Tsunade’s orders, while Kiba and Hinata wonder how they can help him out. Shino remembers a Writers: Masashi Kishimoto (original manga), Satoru Nishizono (screenplay).

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Which episode did Naruto ask Hinata out?

Eventually, the meek and mild girl who admired Naruto from afar became the love of his life — though many fans never would have imagined that possible during their early interactions. Naruto was often the subject of village disdain. As a baby, his body was used as the vessel to trap a demon terrorizing the Hidden Leaf Village.

Beginning on the epilogue depicts them, the manga only does not force anythingfeeling. Your chief naruto date and kiba is it deters majestically. And then start.

Dec 08, PM. So Hinata is the 3rd rank girl when guys are asked who they would date on the world’s ‘The top 10 Girls to Date”. My question is why do you guys like Hinata? Sorry if I’m not suppose to make a thread here? Jul 13, AM. Aug 13, PM. I think it’s because Hinata has big boobs, but that’s just me. Generally speaking, when a young male wants to date an anime girl, he goes with the one that’s got the biggest honkers. Hinata, while not having the largest in the series that honor belongs to Tsunade , is also in her mid to late teens, which makes her a lot more appealing than an old lady using a genjutsu Tsunade.

Naruto x Hinata

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Aug 08, · Sasuke has a classic manga hair style, with long emo-like Past (​Tobirama) PhoenixDragon Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance 3 weeks ago Okimi If you love the ladies of Naruto, check out the best Hinata Hyuga quotes and.

Now the following information below about this topic is provided by the following sources:. Naruto explains to Boruto that Ichiraku ramen is on par with food pills and offer the same benefits if not more! And Naruto goes into reminiscing how special of a place Ichiraku has been to him growing up. He even mentions to Boruto of it being the place where he took Hinata on their first date.

It was given in a little booklet for the first couple of people that saw it. The two page chapter showcases Naruto reading books about girls and the concept of dating. Naruto of course went to Sai of all people to study this because Sai has books on those subjects and Naruto learn of taking a girl out on a date and that he must pay the bill, etc. On the second page of the manga we see Naruto asking Hinata where she wants to eat and he looks at the menu shocked at how expensive the prices are!

She notices the small amount of funds he has and she insists on Naruto carrying her to Ichiraku for some ramen where the prices are apparently very cheap and decent for the amount of quality food you get. Naruto is released but you can still see sweat coming down his face form the relief and nervousness, However thanks to Hinata she attended Ichiraku and that was their first date as a couple after THE Last — Naruto the Movie!

‘Boruto’ Has a Nice Throwback for Naruto and Hinata Shippers

Just rough timeline about when stuff happend with the characters ages, please note that all novels and information are only from the copies I own. The Last Two years after the war both Naruto and Hinata recently turned 19 and is set most likely in December. Note Both Naruto and Hinata are 19 and is a few months after the last. Last epilogue Six years after last with Naruto 25 Hinata same or just coming up to it, with Boruto 5 and Himawari is 3.

proves that the movie does not contradict the manga (and it is actually a canon material) and; to explain Naruto’s feelings (that he DID NOT fall for Hinata in the.

One is Hinata shown very weak. Hinata byakugan to hold ONE chakra points shinobi controlled, and it only briefly, then later almost fainted, had to get help Naruto. It was clearly not normal. With great war experience that end few years ago, Hinata should be stronger. Even during the movie The Last: Naruto the Movie which is the timeline occurred several months before Sasuke Shinden , Hinata fought against a lot of puppet tirelessly, and even give his chakra to Naruto.

Should a pregnant female ninja forbidden to fight in Konoha. Hinata was not aware if she was pregnant. If you look at the official timeline novel Naruto, Sasuke Shinden this position should be in the final, before Boruto: Naruto the Movie. But for some reason, which until today has not been clear, Studio Pierrot which produces the anime Naruto Shoppuden actually animate Sasuke Shinden first before two books Naruto Hiden which had been planned animated since October last, which should be timescapes happen earlier?

Read more novel explanation timeline Naruto on our previous article for more details. Being the third series novel after two series Naruto Itachi Shinden Shinden, and setting the time taken after the last novel series Naruto Hiden, Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom, which tells the story of the epilogue after the end of the manga Naruto and focused on the Akatsuki.

With Sasuke Shinden were supposed to be at the end of the timeline entire novel series Naruto both Shinden nor Hiden , should not Sasuke Shinden anime aired earlier, in December

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It’s quite amazing how manga and anime have completely taken over the world by storm with their one-of-a-kind art style and storytelling that is seldom seen in other forms of entertainment if any at all. This meteoric rise has occurred mainly through the rise in popularity of many manga and anime series that have garnered unassailable popularity, especially in the west.

After all, the world and characters of Naruto have almost become synonymous with the term ‘anime’ itself well, at least for those who just have basic knowledge when it comes to this particular form of entertainment. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. When it comes to Narutofans are ride-or-die with their ships.

Masashi Kishimoto may not have intended for the series to become a romantic one, but the world has created some intense OTPs for its heroes.

You Belong With Me || NaruHina. 4 months ago piney. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Naruto Manga Sakura Hinata Highschool Ino Naruhina. Hyuga Hinata is.

At the start of the series, Hinata has strong admiration toward the main protagonist — Naruto Uzumaki , which eventually turns into love as the story progresses. Hinata has appeared several times in the series’ feature films , most notably The Last: Naruto the Movie , which revolves around her relationship with Naruto. Kishimoto had originally created Hinata as person who would not fight across the story, but in the end he chose to portray her as a kunoichi.

In the making of the series, Kishimoto had decided Hinata would marry Naruto; however, the plot regarding their romance was conceived by screenwriter Maruo Kyozuka. Hinata’s design has been modified by Kishimoto throughout the franchise’s story in order to fit the character’s growth. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki in the original animated series and Stephanie Sheh in the English adaptations.

Critical reception to the character has been mostly positive due to her actions in the series and her bigger role in The Last — her interactions with Naruto and her engagement in a conflict with the film’s villain have been praised. Hinata has also been popular with the Naruto reader base, placing high in some polls. Merchandise based on Hinata have been released, including action figures, key chains and figurines.

In creating Hinata Hyuga, Masashi Kishimoto originally designed a sketch which was shown to one of his assistants.

(NaruHina Comics) _”Hinata-sama’s Happy Birthday Manga”

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